Updated the “Many forms of Web Marketing” post

After some discussion with Search Marketing expert and buddy David Berkowitz, I’ve updated the post to be more clear on two different forms of Web Marketing check out the changes at:

The Many Forms of Web Marketing for the 2007 Web Strategist


  • I’ve separated out the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) info to now have a separate section focused on Contextual Advertising. (section 2B)
  • I also clarified that Web Advertising (Section 4A) is static and ‘dumb’ whereas Contextual Advertising (Section 4B) is dynamic and more relevant.
  • There are some websites that are grabbing all my content and republishing it, (which I don’t love, but I don’t mind too much as long as I’m getting the credit and link backs). Since they chose to repurpose my content rather than pulling in a feed I suspect the content will now be out of date. If you see this, please correct the previous post.

    Update: It’s interesting to note that the average time spent reading that post is 6 minutes, I’m under the impression that folks are really reading it.