Clever Homes: Green, Modern, Efficient, Techie, Stylish

I first suggested to Robert to check out Clever Homes an SF company. I like the design of these homes in this gallery. They build homes with efficient and modern materials. These homes are really great for the affluent, educated tech community.

There’s an interview with Toby Long, and some pics of the NowHouse which was featured near the SBC Giants park for a while. Here’s some additional info on the NowHouse.

Update: check out this video of the actual homes

I got to tag along, and was able to play camera man during the interview portion. Check out the show here:

Clever Home modelRobert and Toby ChatComposite materials "Warmboard"recycled materialsJeremiah the camera guyJoe of Clever HomesClever Homes FoyerClever Home DesignsToby Tours us around the officeRobert and Toby Long