Scoble interviews Clare Hart, Executive at Dow Jones

When Daniela told me she was going to bring her Executive Clare Hart from Dow Jones to meet with Robert, I was thrilled. I used to be a customer when Clare was the President of Factiva. At the time she was a blogger who was part of the conversation. At one time, she reached out to me via email, a very thoughtful touch from someone at the higher echelons to a customer. Robert’s interviewed Clare here right in the PodTech headquarters, and has the story. There’s a few other pics I captured. I encouraged Clare to consider doing a video show, she’s very personable, real, and down to earth. Video could be a good solution for her to communicate to … Continue readingScoble interviews Clare Hart, Executive at Dow Jones

Social Media at the Customer Reference Forum: April 23-25th in Berkeley

It’s no mystery that I write this website for Corporate Marketers who use the web (that is my background for 7 years, this is my first time at a small startup), there’s a real need for sharing and learning as a single community. A few weeks ago, I wrote a very lengthy post, it was really a white paper of sorts, where I discussed the Impacts of Social Media on Customer Reference Programs. I’m very excited to go into details about that post, as well as related tactics and strategies as a speaker at the Customer Reference Forum. If you know someone at your company that’s involved with Customer References, Loyalty, Customer experience, or General Marketing, I encourage you pass … Continue readingSocial Media at the Customer Reference Forum: April 23-25th in Berkeley

Vloggies 2007 Ceremony, are you going to submit?

Last year, PodTech hosted the first annual Vloggies awards show, all in the honor of videobloggers. If you’re a videoblogger, there’s a couple of ways to get involved to submit your video to be part of the grand awards. If you didn’t go to the last vloggies (I couldn’t attend, as I was in China) you can check out some of Laughing Squid’s photos. At SXSW, you can enter the contest at the PodTech booth, where you can meet Scoble and Irina! Here’s what you need to know to get involved: “Seagate is sponsoring a contest to kick things off for us: the SXSW-Vloggies Show Challenge: we’re inviting ANY VLOGGER to show their stuff at SXSW. Open to anyone in … Continue readingVloggies 2007 Ceremony, are you going to submit?

Responding to Bad Press using Video, and Video Brand Hijacking

Social Media isn’t always pretty. Sometimes things happen in the news, that hit social networks and spread at rapid pace. So fast that it forces corporations to wake up and pay attention to how the internet is connecting people at a rapid pace. I’ve noticed a pattern today in my feedreading, and although I don’t have a lot of time, I wanted to highlight what I’m seeing as a Web Strategist. This week, KFC is is the news as this bad press hits YouTube. The president promptly responded, and even did an online video, good job Gregg and KFC. View video remarks from KFC President Gregg Dedrick (although they need a direct link to the video, I had to splice … Continue readingResponding to Bad Press using Video, and Video Brand Hijacking

105 Miles Per Hour

I feel guilty. Guilty that I don’t have enough time to spend sharing on this blog. Posting has been light lately, and it will likely stay light. I’ve not had time to focus on some real analytical pieces that I enjoy sharing like The many forms of web marketing, the impacts of social media on customer reference programs, contraversial online data storage predictions, or indexing all the white label social network apps, etc. Recently, in addition to a lot of personal and work things, today I was having lunch with a Googler, tomorrow I’m having lunch with the CTO of Hitachi Data Systems and some data storage pioneers, tomorrow night, we’re hosting some upcoming professionals, I’m also writing a white … Continue reading105 Miles Per Hour

Chatting with Doc Searls at the Mobile Identity Workshop

Some of the footage from the unconference that Doc Searls invited me to is finally up. Check out the text and picture capture of this Mobile Identity Workshop. I’ve been hearing a lot of Doc, recently hosted a great talk with podcasts, the one with Dave Winer on this NPR podcast both of which provide some very important messages. In the following video, Doc tells us why Mobile Identity is so important, and why the format of the event as an unconference is undesigned to help promote dialogue from the mind trust of those attending. If you’re reading this in a feedreader, check out the media post.

How Intuit created an Online Community for the elusive Small and Medium Business

I’m friends with Intuit folks, really great team over there. I read Avinash’s web analytics blog frequently, and spoke on a panel about Business Blogging with Paul Rosenfeld of Intuit. Great folks who get the web. We all know about Intuit as having a successful online community. They’ve done quite a bit in the form of blogs, forums, and other types of community outreach programs. The elusive SMB market is hard to identify, yet even to provide a web marketing strategy for. Quickbooks has done it, and is one of the great examples of how a thriving community is there. I even know of some small businesses that actually communicate and have done deals on the Intuit network. Intuit is … Continue readingHow Intuit created an Online Community for the elusive Small and Medium Business

Loren Responds to my Media Consumption question

A few days ago, I gave my media consumption diet. It’s interesting that a lot of my stuff is on Demand, and has few ads. Loren’s responded with much love on his video: (if you’re reading this in a feedreader, access the post) I’m still waiting for Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, and Chris Pirillo share their diets. Martin did, and a few others says Technorati. Oh, and my last name is pronounced Ow-Yang. I’m not Irish Loren.

Social Media Saga continues as Dell Corporation yearns for “Dell Swell”

Chronicling the Dell Social Media Saga I’ve been watching this Dell story for quite a while, even been on a panel with blog expert Shel Israel, author of Naked Conversations discussing it. [Dell has come so far, they’ve learned to listen, converse, and lower the corporate walls. While this saga is not over, this is becoming a classic case study of a corporation making a 180 degree turn using Web Tools] Gone to Hell, Cursed, and Exploded Dell’s taken a freaking beating in the past years due to social media bloggers. you can do a search on Dell Hell, and at one time, if you did a Google Search on the term “Dell Support” bloggers not happy with their support … Continue readingSocial Media Saga continues as Dell Corporation yearns for “Dell Swell”

Getting bad press from Bloggers

I don’t know this guy that’s being talked about, but after two posts from personal friends over time, I’m noticing a trend: Martin McKeay: What sets off your alarms? (Martin is a Network Security Expert, so if he says something, I listen) Brian Oberkirch: Is Marc Freedman Like Herpes? (Brian’s also a trusted friend, so this really set off my alarms) ValleyWag calls him out too: Valleywag: Linkslut lifestyle: the pickup artists of networking