Podcast Interview: Jennifer McClure on Marketing Voices (PR folks should listen in)

To many, Jennifer McClure is one of those special people in the PR industry, she’s shared with me her passion for Public Relations, Social Media, and has helped to found a resource for our industry called the Society for New Communications. As well as the research arm called Society for New Communications Research.

They’re having a conference in Vegas soon, co hosted with Ragan PR, I recommend you attend if given the opportunity. I went last year, it was held here in Palo Alto and I had an enlightening experiences. A few months ago Jennifer and I spoke at Ragan PR in Chicago, I took notes of her session.

Jennifer Jones has interviewed Jennifer McClure on Marketing Voices. I recommend you listen in, here’s what you’ll hear an interesting discussion around: Building a Corporate Culture for Social Media, the discussion revolved around the topics of how Corporate cultures cultivate different deployments of Social Media, communicating within and outside of your company, and which industries are better at listening than others.

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