How will we Interact with the Internet of the Future? A Demo with the MyVu Visor.

(Left: Scoble goes Johnny Mnemonic)

One of the interesting things about working at PodTech is how all kinds of interesting folks come into the office as well as interesting and unique products.

A few weeks ago, I showed you Chris Coulter’s Archos screen, here’s an interesting tool.

Thanks to Sam Levin who brought in his MyVu personal media player to PodTech. Interesting adaptation for mobile devices. He was playing video media from his iPod, the MyVu has a hardware device that attaches to the Video iPod.

MyVu Visor
The field of vision for the screen wasn’t too large, while not a ‘theater style’ it certainly let you do other things, such as moving about or pretending to listen to someone boring. I’m sure you could plug this to a PC, kick back in a lounger and do your work. It was an interesting experience, I’d love to play with this $350 toy on a plane ride.

The future of input and output devices for the web:

We’re starting to integrate video into the internet faster and faster, and IPTV could make a break for it in the next year or two.

I predict in the next 5-10 years that input devices to the web (today we use the keyboard and mouse) will slowly start to disappear and new technologies will figure out how to determine text from slight movements of your fingers, or watching your mouth move. I also expect that output devices (we currently use monitors and screens) will dissolve into glasses, transparent walls, and even holographic technology. I’m hoping a future technology will be able to embed an invisible screen (for a HUD) in prescription type glasses. Say good bye boring meeting! The internet (the name may change to something like the network or cloud) will become amorphous and ubiquitous.

Questions to be answered

How will we interact with the internet in the future? Will we continue to have visible devices? Will they become so small they dissipate and are barely noticable? Will the input and output devices be everywhere? Will we still have cubicle hell?

Love to hear your thoughts…

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