Lunch 2.0 at Meebo

Lunch 2.0 is about community.

It’s an open house of sorts for startups (and big companies too) to welcome the community that talks, influences, and communicates with each other using the web. It’s a great way to get exposed to new people, ideas, and products.

Meebo the ultimate Instant Messaging company was no exception. Nestled in hip Mountain View (an interesting city with free municipal wifi) on bustling Castro Street, Meebo hosted quite a few folks, catered in Thai food (as well as some ‘Thai pizza’) in their cozy abode.

For the most part, I’ve cut instant messaging out of my life, save for the computer reboots that auto start one of my five IM clients, and the immediate business need. If I were to jump back into IM, I would probaly start with Meebo as it aggregates all clients onto one page –literally.

I ran into friends Juan, Mark Jenn, Joseph Smarr, Noah Kagan, and finally got to meet Jason Calacanis (now hanging with Sequoia that funds meebo) who does a podcast with PodTech, have you heard the Calacanis Cast yet? Jason told me he reads my blog, and liked some of the posts I did on B2B Social media, sweet!

This picture is great, you can see my Asianness is rubbing off on Jason.

This video is of Andreas and Danny of Meebo, two of our hosts. I took that video towards the start of the event, by the time I left at 12:30 it was nearly double the crowd.

Video: Lunch 2.0 at Meebo

Thanks Meebo for being such wonderful hosts, pictures below (tagged “lunch20”).

Picture 342Picture 344Picture 349Picture 354Picture 365Picture 361Picture 362Jeremiah and Jason