Early Evangelism, and on Writing that Blog/Book

Early Evangelism
This is interesting, I received this email today. To protect her identity, I’ve removed any personal info:

Hi Jeremiah,

If I remember correctly you were the one who first invited me to join LinkedIn, some time in early 2005. Is that correct? I just want to mention that I reaped a benefit from belonging to it, so I thank you. A recruiter contacted me about a full-time position, and I asked how she got me name, and she said from LinkedIn. Well, I actually got that job and started this week! This is a big career move for me. Since I was relatively happy contracting, I was not looking for a job, but now I think this was a good decision.

I was encouraging people to use LinkedIn during the early days, when the first web bubble was collapsing (realizing how important one’s network was) before LinkedIn was popular, I had a list of names and emails at Exodus on my personal website (now retired) in an image so everyone could stay connected. I guess I’ve always liked being a ‘super connector’.

I don’t use LinkedIn as much now, in fact I don’t respond to most requests to accept, why? The folks that I want to find are already easy to connect to via their blogs or other social networks. Identies and profiles are everywhere, not just in LinkedIn.

Blog/Book Strategy
I told my wife that James Clark and Jason Cormier really made my week, he gets what I’m trying to do and summarizes with this wonderful post:

Jeremiah’s blog is his book, don’t you see?

I’m asked once in a while, “Why don’t you write a book” or “Let’s write a book together”.

I’ve given it some thought, but not much. I’m trying to connect to my audience using my blog and that seems to be working pretty well. Of course, if some publishers want to offer me a sweet deal, I’m open for anything. I also see that there are quite a few books being written around social media, communities, what would make a book standout from the rest? For those that are trying to establish thought leadership in social media, why write a book?

If you can’t tell by now, the focus on my blog is changing, as I hear from clients, I think it’s working and seek to always improve. As always, I’m listening, leave any suggestions about this blog, even if suggestive in, the comments or send me an email.

Update: In the last few weeks, I’ve been pushing out a lot of ‘how to’ content. A lot of this was locked up in my brain, and it’s more appropriate than ever to share it with my clients and the network. Now that I’m a consultant to many companies, I’m unleashing much of my knowledge as long as it doesn’t impact PodTech in a negative way.

I’m very grateful to be able to talk to PodTech clients about social media, so there will never be a shortage of content (keep in mind, I shield any confidential/competitive info). I’m hoping to try to identify the trends that I’m seeing when it comes to awareness, adoption, measurement, and successes.