Social Media Measurement Industry

Jonathan Carson of Nielsen Buzz Metrics and I just got off phone. We discussed my focus and interest in the Social Media Measurement space as it will be important to corporate marketers.

I love it when top executives reach out to folks in their industry. A year ago, I blogged about Factiva and their CEO ( a blogger during that time) sent me a personal email.

We talked about how many Social Media measurement programs will be customized based upon the objectives of a program, a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work. I told him how I suspect that marketers will need to achieve these three objectives: 1) Determine what is happening in the conversations out there 2) Measure the impact when they join 3) Be able to analyze data in a variety of ways.

CEOs are starting to reach out to folks that connect with others, both by using the phone, email, and now blogs. In fact, check out this list of CEO blogs that are starting to emerge. Last year, it was just Boeing and Sun.

Thanks Jonathan for the call, looking forward to meeting you soon.