Mobile Identiy Workshop, an Unconference by Doc Searls

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I’m live blogging right now. I’m sitting at Cnet with over 50 people discussing the future of Mobile technology, identity, security, contextual marketing, and the impacts of social networking at the first Mobile Identity Workshop hosted by Internet Uncle Doc Searls and Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

I sense a lot of annoyance with traditional telcos, there’s quite a bit of sharing, it’s really more of a think tank, that’s why I love unconferences. An unconference is sort of a workshop where the agenda is determined by the participants, and everyone gets a chance to talk and share. Yes, a bottom up conference.

Windley is taking notes
and comments on Doc’s stats at the opening of the day:

“Doc started off the day with a list of statistics, noting that there are 800 million cars in the world, 1.2 billion PCs, 1.3 billion Internet connection points, and nearly 3 billion mobile phones. Mobile phones are nearing ubiquity and are intensely personal, so identity is incredibly important.”

There were a few interesting points such as protecting one’s personal information while giving out preferences, sharing with others, deploying traditional media over mobile devices. In one session it was agreed upon that the password will be dead in a few years, and some other type of technology will be able to determine identity.

We also talked about the next generation of mobile users, Gen Y and somewhat X. The term “digital natives” was used to describe this generation. Mobile technology is more advanced in other cultures outside of North America.

Some folks suggest that one’s online persona will be an accurate reflection of their real life persona.

One of the more interesting sessions, we were throwing out ‘dream features’ for the ideal podcasting device, Dave Winer took notes. I suggested, easy to publish, on board real time mixer, ability to create audio ‘conversations’, and ability for multiple people to contribute to the podcast.

I had lunch with two cnet employees. What a cool company to host this event, they even provided lunch.

There were some other interesting conversations about the future of mobile technology, will be become so small that it’s pervasive. eTelepathy I like to call it.

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Unconference: The attendees determine the agenda by placing the topics on the board, you can attend any of the tracks you want

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Healthy conversations in every track

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Deep thinking

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Our gracious hosts, CNET

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