Conversations begin with Dialogue

Hillary Clinton wants to have a conversation with the American public. She nods to Social Media as the technology to enable this, and takes some ideas from ClueTrain Manifesto.

This is kind of hard to do since she’s failed to do the following:

1) The player she’s launched her video does not have a share or embed feature

2) Comments are not enabled

3) There are no forums, wikis, or other social tools that enable conversation

There is however a feature that encourages the community (in this case, citizens) to write the first blog post. Strange, as I have my own blog to do that, I really want to hear Hillary’s voice, not mine to kick start this conversation.

Obama launched his exploratory program using online video (and the embeddable and conversational youtube player) as well as John Edwards.

Jeremiah’s Presidential Social Media Scorecard:

Hillary Clinton = 1 point for basic website

Obama = 2 points for basic website with social media deployment

Edwards = 3 points for basic website, social media deployment, and blogger relations in real life.

By the way, this is not a political blog, it’s primarily a Web Strategy blog, and I intend to keep it that way by commenting on deployment of tools, rather on the sole focus of issues . I’ll leave that to all the other political pundits out there.