Four Additional Strategies added to ‘Corporate Podcasting Strategies for 2007’

I’ve been getting some great feedback on my recent post: Corporate Podcasting Strategies for 2007.

I provided 13 tips to deploy based upon real world experience. I’ve given the list some thought, and have some additional tips that I’ve embedded into the post. I’ve listed them out below for those that have already read the piece.

They are:

14) Link from your Press Release
It’s often overlooked that podcasts are released around product announcements and can tie nicely into your press release. By providing a ‘learn more’ or ‘listen in’ for supplemental information, it would be a great and authentic way to tie in Social Media to your press release. Corporations may find podcasts to be a happy medium between social media and a somewhat controlled message so it really is a great tool to include.

15) Podcast library

Create a podcast library page on your website. This is simple to do, and if you’ve selected a podcasting partner based upon the criteria I’ve provided above then they should offer a player for your use on your website. Try to allow comments on each of your posts, and link to supplemental information. In suggestion #1 suggests to reuse existing content, so it should be very easy to link to that content. Build up this library, make it a frequently accessed knowledge center.

16) Inform Employees, Partners

So often is the interactive marketing manager working so hard to hit the deadline that they forget to encapsulate an internal and lateral message to employees. Make sure you send out an email blast to the appropriate teams, get on the intranet or weekly newsletter. Remember, these tools are ’sales’ and ‘marketing’ tools much like collateral, so please train them. Raise awareness, have an FAQ, suggest how to use, and be open to receive feedback and suggestions. Podcasts can be a great sales training tool for your internal folks that travel, are on the go, or work remote or in some data center and not connected. Some companies have provided iPods for their employee base, perhaps create an award system or contest for those that engage.

17) Inform Public

Many corporations are so afraid to contact those outside of the traditional media circuit. The Press Release is not the only way to get information out about your brand new podcasting series. Inform bloggers in your industry, either leave a comment, or even feel free to email them. Ask them for your opinion. Find blog posts where your specific podcast topic is relevant and leave a thoughtful and original comment to encourage them to learn more by listening to your podcast and provide feedback.