Social Media Tools enables Storytelling at the Edges

Enlightful post by Brian Solis. He documents the history of the 100 year old Press Release. Provides insight to the changes at hand and casts light on where corporate communications is headed Social Media Killed the Press Release Star.

Effective StoryTelling
We must remember that Social Media is a toolset that allows corporations to tell interesting and engaging stories that involve the community. I’ll repeat that again, modern marketing is about Storytelling. It’s not about single blasting a message alone either through a press release or other tool. Other marketing and communication visionaries have expressed the same.

Toolsets change
Out of this clash evolved the Social Media Press Release, which has elements of both a focused message but nods to the modern day communication toolsets. I understand the need now for this tool (for a long time, I didn’t understand why we need this), I now realize it stems from the need for message accuracy. While recently born, It’s not fully adopted and will need more evangelism before taking mass usage.

The Corporate Edges
In time, corporations will start to realize that the effective and the communication that matters will happen at the ‘edges’ of the company. Where product knowledge holders, and those that wield social media tools, may be more effective in bringing customers closer to the company, and introducing new topics. Traditionally, the edges are folks that deal with customers on a day to day basis, often found in sales, services, and support. Now with Social Media, it’s easy for those inside the company such as Product Managers, your CTO, and those with product knowledge to easily communicate with customers in near real time.

So I encourage you to use Social Media to build relationships, tell stories, listen to customers, and join the community.