10 Case Studies of Forward Moving Intranets and Community Voted Intranet Apps

You may want to send this post to your Intranet Manager, there’s some good resources listed below. In my web career I’ve been on the core team or managed 4 enterprise Intranets, so I find this pretty interesting.

Nielsen’s 10 best Intranet or 2007 Report
I originally saw this link from Daniela’s thoughts. Jakob Nielsen and folks have provided yet another annual report on the 10 Best Intranets of 2007. If you’ve budget to purchase the $174 version, it’s available for purchase.

I enjoy the analysis of reports like this, as Intranet managers operate in silos, and are often not able to view other company’s intranets to see what’s out there.

I would suggest that this title is inappropriately named, as it’s truly not the 10 best intranets for the following reasons: 1) Only companies that volunteered for the study were involved. 2) The best intranet should be determined by the users, not a third party analyst. 3) Since it’s named the best for 2007, how is the report accounting for the other 11 months that have not yet passed?

With that said, this great report could be greater if it were named 10 Case Studies of Forward Moving Intranets. I’m not the only one offering analysis on the report check out what Read Write Web group has commented. Do you think Nielsen group is condescending to the whole Web 2.0 movement?

List of Apps that can make your Intranet read and writable
Zoli has discovered some intranet applications that can added to the Enterprise Intranet deployment. There’s a whole voting thing going on at the innovation creators site, where they’ve listed out web applications (and you can vote too) that can help Intranets become more read and write.

I don’t think the voting mechanism is important, and you shouldn’t place too much weight on the result, as I suspect that the vendors will ask all their friends to help them vote, so please don’t take it seriously, the real benefit is that he’s created an index that you can now learn more about for deployment.

Even with that said, A few weeks ago, I predicted (my opinion alone) that BlogTronix will give Sharepoint a run for it’s money.