Social Media Collides/Merges with Traditional Media at CES

I’ve heard from a small handful of people that some groups or individuals were disqualifying bloggers at CES. I also experienced first hand how a hybrid form can be created.

In one case, I heard that in the CES press room a discussion occurred where one blogger told another that they prefer to read blogs to get news, rather than traditional press.

A member of the traditional press got really upset, raised his voice, causing much of the table to look over, and he left in a furious stomp. It was suggested that he felt his job was threatened.

I also heard from others about how bloggers are discredited as “any idiot with an opinion”. I had an engaging conversation with Steve Brobeck and Teresa (who I saw at the airport) suggested that the problem isn’t with bloggers but with the inaccurate content.

Update: Renee Blodget has experience with both Traditional and Social Media and observed more a a collision rather than a merger, her post is highly relevant and is a must read.

The BlogHaus was a different beast, we had members of the press (NYTimes, Financial Times, Cnet and other distinguished publications) mix and mash with social media. Together we created something new, it was wonderful. Those from the traditional space that open up, join the conversation will matter and be relevant.

Expect bloggers to be treated like Press and Analysts
There were more than one blogger lounge at CES this year, and we should all expect there to be 5 -10 blogger lounges next year at CES. As you know, I was blessed in being invited to meet with Michael Dell the Chairmen of Dell Computers as a blogger.

Change is happening, either get on the train, or get out of the way.

Update: A must read by Blog Business Summit Mainstream Media Feeling Threatened by Bloggers at CES