Video: BlogHaus Videobloggers are “Bleeping” Nuts

I was hanging out with videoblogger and colleague Irina Slutsky last night at the PodTech bloghaus, for some reason, it was more video bloggers than bloggers last night. There were several cameras filming and new shows were being created right on location.

The CES conversation was captured shared, and published using these new tools. Some corporate folks from a popular networking company walked in and were astonished, it was amazing to see their eyes light up, they couldn’t believe this were able to be part of the ‘new media’.

For many companies, they realize that social media will be a line item for 2007, but they’re still having a hard time figuring out how to be part of the conversation. Things are changing and communication is flowing.

I had a few corporate folks walk up to me and say they thought the BlogHaus was interesting and they want to know more. I’ve got a strong feeling that PodTech will be hosting more of these in the future.

Warning: Please note this video is NOT work safe as Irina’s initial language may offend. If at work, please put on some earphones. With that said, here’s the video.

Also check out Scoble’s video, he did a one shot roll as he walked through nearly the entire show, it took him 13 minutes.