BlogHaus goes Cross Generational with Live Performances in the new Media Room

BlogHaus crosses generations, both in the real world and in Social Media
In the spirit of this post, I’m blogging this live, starting at 10pm with iterative changes, I’m also running around meeting folks, taking pics and video, this post was finished somewhere very early in the morning. (4am?)

Please excuse the poor writing, it’s being done in pieces and also while being sleep deprived. (and maybe a beer or two)

I’m live blogging from the BlogHaus from the Bellagio suite tonight, this is truly a remarkable event.

We’ve reached a very difficult to reach generation, and we’re mixing several generations and genres together in the real world and extending it to social media.

There is a unique mixture of bloggers, press, and the ‘MySpace’ generation present. Everyone is creating media from the pictures, video blogs, and natural discussions. Folks are editing pictures, uploading in near real time.

Media being created in near real time: Conversations, Images, Videos

We had “Nerd Core” a group of tech media creators that had a rap off, they’re friends of Irina Slutsky. We also had a acoustic guitar soloist named Samantha Murphy. There are folks that are in their early 20s and that produce media, this is the unreachable generation. We are creating content, publishing, promoting using social media tools in real time.

Some Seagate (our generous sponsors) stopped by to watch the event, and I was showing her what I was doing here in real time.

Thomas Hawk is feverishly editing his photos, he’s on a mission to have 1000 photos created by the end of the Vegas trip

Intersection of generations and culture

Many, many companies try to reach this generation in a natural and authentic way. For Irina and her friends, she is this generation.

Some people came by and told me that CES organizers themselves are trying to figure out what the magic potion is that makes this event a success.

The Unreachable Generation Y creates with us

I’ve interviewed quite a few of this younger generation that came in, it’s all on video and we’ll share it later on They told us what they do, how they create media, how they share it online, and what their plans are for the future of online creativity. They were playing a few PS3 games and one of the games they hated, and they tell us why on tape.

They told me they are creating shows, music, and video, and they upload it to YouTube and MySpace and share with others.

The companies that make those games would pay top dollar to get real feedback from influential media creators of this generation. It’s like web strategy research in my own Bellagio suite, awesome.

Stacy Kramer from Paidcontent
is here, and she wrote this review of BlogHaus. More conversations on TechMeme.

BlogHaus highlights for the last few days

I was talking with Linda Furrier the creator of BlogHaus, and she said we need to listen to this generation. They’re influentials, they’re making decisions. Especially this crowd, they’re creating media and are influencing others.

Thomas Hawk says this place has the best bandwidth, it’s the new “press room” or “media room”

BlogHaus has been open for 112 hours straight.

Here’s a list of just some of the other people that came to the Bloghaus:
Doc Searls, Dave Winer, Steve Gillmore, Eric Rice, Kris Tate, Thomas Hawk, Steven Levy, John Markoff (NYTimes), Russel Shaw (Cnet), Stacy Kramer, Chris Nuttall from (Financial Times), Venture Capitalists, CEO of Seagate, Brian Solis, even LaLa from Tikibar was here. There’s quite a few others.

Thousands of photos were uploaded

Dozens of Videos created (and more coming)

Hundreds of blog posts were created

Mass data was created

We know of 400-450 that have registered online, and at least 200-300 registered on site. We’re estimating over 600-700 folks, nearly all are content producers.

Below are some select photos of the event

Picture 1605
Nerd Core performers

Picture 1509
Crowd goes wild

Picture 1507
Capture the content, create social media

Picture 1601
Content captured with mobile devices and can be uploaded instantly to the ‘cloud’

Picture 1546
Capture: Text, Photos, Video

Picture 1561
The rules is about community

Picture 1573
Martinis in the sweet suit

Picture 1576
Live gaming in the Master Suite

Picture 1544
Live Sharing using Social Media

Picture 1488
Everyone who creates media is welcome

Picture 1538
Samantha Murphy performs for us

Picture 1585
Gen Y couple

Picture 1545
They blog, share, network online in real time

Picture 1525
Colorful Bloghausers

Picture 1593

Picture 1582

Picture 405
New Media: Bloggers, Podcasters, Videobloggers in real time.