Adoption of Social Media by the Inc 500

I really like the research that Eric Mattson has been doing around Social Media adoption for the INC 500, also known as the fastest growing companies. (Update from Maggie Fox ). He’s published an executive summary of the results. The rest of the results will released to different publications over time.

I’m sure he’ll send me the full report so I can dive in and learn more.

Here’s some highlights from his executive report (PDF):

Awareness vs Adoption
The social media that is most familiar to the Inc. 500 is social networking with 42% of
respondents claiming to be “very familiar with it.” Familiarity is related to usage. It is
interesting to note, however, that even those forms of social media less familiar to the
participants are still used by at least 11% of them.

The report indicates that awareness of Social Networking is higher 42% (Still not mainstream), but wikis is low. (a mere 16%)

Usage of Message boards sites is high (33%), while usage of Podcasting is low. (11%)

26% of respondents said that Social Media Strategy is VERY important, and 40% said it’s somewhat important. Wow, I suspect this has changed quite a bit from last year.

Thanks Eric, we look forward to reading more of your survey analysis, great job.

Related Update: Social media going mainstream
We all know that Social Media is increasing in demand for corporations. I just got news from friend Ed Terping (Vice President, Social Media Enterprise Marketing at Wells Fargo in SF) that they’re hiring. They’ve a few projects of interest that I’ve been watching. He’s looking for a Social Media Programs Manager, Editor and Developer/Designer. If you’re interested, you can check out the jobs at:

Social Media Editor (Communications Consultant 4) – #3106017
Social Media Programs Manager (Marketing Program Manager 1) – #3106015
Social Media Web Developer 3 – #3106012