What you need to know for CES

I’m a CES virgin, this is my first time going. In fact my next few days will be focused on sharing this story for those that have not been or for those that give a hoot. Some day this will be evolutionary, not revolutionary, fine with me.

Most of the time, I’ll be at the CES show, checking out the electronics. Several companies have already asked me to swing by their booth and check out their stuff. I’m going to see some friends at the Hitachi booth for sure.

At nights, you’ll find me at the Podtech Bloghaus, an event we’re putting on. I’m watching all the RSVPs coming in, and wow, it’s a lot of people. Dave Winer talks about it. On Tuesday night, we’ll check out the Blog Business Summit party, please join us there.

Being a new attendee, I found this list of things to do and prepare for very helpful: How to Survive CES. (Update: He’s rolled out even more tips). I’ve already got a very light backpack and some comfortable shoes. For those clients that I’ll be meeting, sorry for the casual attire, but I’m sure you’ll be just as tired.

I promise to document this event and take a lot of pictures, so swing back soon!

has just updated the PodTech blog with this info, here’s where you can find me:

Sunday, Jan. 7
3.30PM: Meet-up before Gates Keynote (which is across the street at the Venetian)
7.30PM: Party after Gates Keynote.

Monday, Jan. 8
9PM: After ShowStoppers: Party hosted by Seagate with CEO Bill Watkins.

Tuesday, Jan. 9
5PM-8PM: “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” Blogger party, hosted by Parnassus Ventures, at the Atomic Testing Museum. RSVP info here. More party at the BlogHaus!

Wednesday, Jan.10
8PM: Party for CES Bloggers

Update: CES Blog List live
Check out this CES Blog List that Tris announced yesterday over on the official Podtech Blog. It’s aggregating the voices of folks that have signed up and have confirmed they’re going to CES and the PodTech BlogHaus (Sponsored by Seagate).

This is an easy way to quickly see what’s being said, and check out the flickr stream too.

The official tag for all your flickr pics and bloghaus is bloghausces07