LiveLeak Videos: Bottom up Citizen Media

Liveleak is a citizen generated video site that allows users to redefine how news is created. Dependence on middle news media is no longer required, one can get video direct from the first hand witness.

There’s some pretty amazing, gruesome, and shocking videos here. The most popular one is witnessing the entire execution of Saddam from a camera phone. (search at your own risk)

This changes how the media landscape is being created as citizens can publish unfiltered, uncensored, content without review from a censorship. There are filters so you can select what’s appropriate to your taste level.

This is yet another example of citizen media.

The Video has made it’s way to YouTube, Google Video, and Revver.  The publish dates on all four sites are Dec 30th, they are talking about removing the video, I suspect that LiveLeak will not.