Google Blog Misses the boat on Blog Marketing

I learned about Business Blogging from some of the best
My earliest conversations were with early adopter and author/speaker Rebecca Blood, it followed up with meeting Shel Israel who gave me a ‘proof’ (not yet published) book Naked Conversations long before it went public, I met Robert Scoble, he and Shel coached me and my CTO at Hitachi, we stayed in touch, and I know work with him at PodTech, I spoke on a panel with Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Book. In summary, I’ve studied business blogging to build trust and community extensively in the last year.

It’s not about the tool, comments, or technology
Forget the tool for a minute, It’s not about comments, nor is it about defining what is a blog. It’s about the willingness to have a dialogue (by definition suggests two-way), dropping the PR schlack, avoid MarCom happy talk, to have an open, transparent conversation with your audience.

The overarching theme from all of these Business Blogging experts listed above is that it’s the act of transparent conversation to build trust with one’s community.

The Official Google Blog under fire

Several bloggers are challenging Google’s claim that their official blog is a great use of a popular business blog, thought leaders like Zoli and Michael Arrington are making some valuable points.

While the Official Google blog makes visible trackbacks, a great majority of the links out are more focused on the latest google features and releases. While that’s not a sinful strategy at all, it bangs in my point that the Google blog could benefit from more community focus.

Without having comments open, the Google blog to me is no more than a press release using half of blog technology, and only exposing part of the heart of the real humans behind it.

It’s about open dialogue to build trust with your community

We’re more likely to turn and trust Matt Cutts, a Google blogger that’s embraced the community by listening, linking out, enabling comments and putting on a human face during this past 2006.