Chocolate Passion Blog

Left: I just took these photos of the Chocolates that Brian just dropped off, (left then clockwise) Classic Creme Caramels, Mocha Truffles, English Toffee, and Espresso Caramels

Brian Stephens a former colleague and kick butt Web Developer dropped off this tin of Chocolates to me at the PodTech office on his way home from work. How cool is that? He recently started a website called Chocolate Gourmand, which lists out the type of chocolates he makes, and he records his process on his blog. He’s been making hand made gourmet chocolates for a few years now, it’s a family tradition and a great way to give a thoughful gift at a low price.

If you’re in the PodTech office today, swing by my cube and grab a piece, but be sure to leave a few for me and Shirley.

Thanks Brian and family! I’m going to be popular today!