Silicon Valley Sightings: Morning Commuters on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)


The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is one of the nations most efficient and highest rated transit systems. While the rest of the country likely drives to work, Bart captures some of the community spirit, environmentally conscious cultures in the United States. A roundtrip to downtown SF is a few bucks, and it can easily save time, money, and parking costs. (some parking spots in SF are $400 a month)

“Bart Cooties” is what my sister called the colds you get when she first moved to the bay area. She caught a lot of colds while riding the bart, and since switched to driving to the city.

Ya know that musty smell that Bart has? It’s unmistakable, quite the unique aroma.

If you’ve ever traveled Europe or Asia, you’ll find that while Bart is sufficient for the bay area, there are many other more efficient, cleaner, and faster rail systems. Check my trip to Japan to see my experience on some of the most amazing rail systems.

Silicon Valley Sightings is an ongoing photo series of Technology and Life Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area