TV continues to spiral

Shel Israel points me to this interesting article from Richard Edelman who is analyzing the change and removal of TV in the average consumption diet.

“The number of people watching network TV evening news is down from 60 million to 30 million in the past two decades, with viewers at an average age of 60.”

Most folks my age and younger get their news not from the TV, but from the web, word of mouth, or perhaps even radio. It’s not just TV, but Richard reflects that Subscription based content (like Cable and PPV) will increase and Ad media will diminish.  The same could be true on the internet, websites that allow downloading of media will continue to explore and eventually grow.
“Some of the change is attributable to the rise of subscription media, gradually taking share from advertising supported media. The Veronis Suhler study of media forecasts that in the next decade, subscription media will grow at an average rate of 9% per year, while ad supported media will decline at 3% per year. Subscription media would include cable and satellite TV, print content behind a pay wall (NY Times Select or or pay per view.”