Video: Glenn Fannick’s Wrapup

Daniela recorded Glenn’s thoughts the day after the event. See this video.

In his post, he suggests his head is still spinning, someone get him some asprin! Imagine being a product manager and asking 20 bloggers and social media types to come tell you what you want! Then imagine being in a room with them for 4 hours, and then have to read their blogs!

He and the rest of the product team have a lot of analysis ahead of them. The business and user requirements are still not fully fleshed out (or agreed upon) let alone feature requirements that need to be build out into their product.

The best part is, now with social media, it’s easier for product teams to easily interact with customers in this real life ‘focus group’. I love how Factiva is using real life and online tools to communicate directly with the people this matters to.

Update: Clint Ivy a Web Analytics Guru and blogger takes a literal and analytical approach to the findings.