Thank you Hitachi!

Thank you Hitachi Colleagues!
(Right: Send off Lunch for Jeremiah)

I wanted to thank all those that have wished me farewell from Hitachi Data Systems, HGST, and Hitachi America. This also includes, vendors, and former colleagues. I was honored that Lisa, my teammate for 3 years organized a lunch, the tab picked up by CTO blogger Hu Yoshida at Faultline brewery.

Three years at HDS felt fast and furious, while sometimes the pace of things felt slow. There was always so much to do. I’ll have to admit, I made a lot of mistakes, pushed to hard, or just annoyed the F out of people, and for that, I hope all is water under the bridge.

I sometimes wonder if trying to open a culture up was a good idea. In the end, I hope more good came out of the changes we did, opening up the communications, reaching to customers, and building community.
When Podtech has some parties in our upcoming larger new office in Palo Alto. I’ll be sure to invite folks over for some wine and beer!

Thank you dinner with CTO Hu Yoshida, Data Storage A-Lister.

(Left: Mr and Mrs Yoshida, Mr and Mrs Owyang)

Hu Yoshida is the CTO Blogger at Hitachi Data Systems. We worked as a team for him to achieve A-lister status within the Data Storage Industry. (That’s right, there are A-listers in every industry) . It’s easy to tell who’s read frequently in niche industries, look at blog rolls, quotes, and comments.

Last week, Hu Yoshida and his lovely wife took Shirley and I out to dinner at Sato’s Japanese Restaurant, I found it be very authentic, having returned from Japan just a few weeks ago. It was really good to have some quality conversations, and say our thanks. Hu always wondered what type of woman would have the energy to put up with me, he was pleased to meet Shirley, heh!

I learned a few more things about Hu: although he doesn’t speak of it, he was an American Marine war Hero in Vietnam. He lead a rifle team with heavy casualty rates for days on end in the field. Now I understand how he is able to maintain such self-control, humbleness, and never faltering leadership. He told me that blogging helped him expand his ability to reach and talk to customers. One example is that when he speaks at conferences, events, or shows, the rooms near capacity, that’s great!

Thank you Hu for becoming the face of the company, opening up to customers by blogging and speaking, and treating me (and my wife) with such appreciation. I’m still subscribed and wiil see you around the blogosphere!