Saucin’ with the Guba Folks

Adriana of Guba and Shirley Owyang

Last night we got our schmooze on at the Always On event at Roe, hosted by Guba. Many Marketing and PR folks, very few geeks, a welcome change.

Thank you Adriana of Guba (Video: who is crazy for Guba) for hosting and MCing the event. (She’s featured about with Shirley Owyang). Did you know that Adriana can (more Video) spit some crazy limericks?

Upon meeting me AND my wife, Joey Wan said, oh wow your wife IS real we thought you blog so much that she’s just a photoshop insert. I guess she doesn’t know about my holographic gadgets I brought back from Japan.

Daniela Joey Wan and Friend Picture 074
Picture 063 Guba Party Where I hang out