Cool Screens: Archos Portable Video and Apple Cinema Displays

New Colleague Christopher Coulter (Who I’m rethinking my stance on, he’s a pretty nice dude) was showing me his Archos Portable Digital Media Player. He uses this while filming on site, as well as enjoying entertainment media. It doesn’t have the best external sound but one could easily put on headphones or connect to any audio device.


That video interview below looks like the one with Hamid Shojaee of Axosoft. I’m pretty sure they’re sitting at is the Podtech office on illustrious Sand Hill road. We’re in an incubator, I’ve posted some pics here of the humble and growing podtech offices.


I went to the Apple Store to get my iPod replaced (which I have to figure out how to re-synch my content) and ran into this massive monitor, see the Apple Cinema Displays.