Opportunity for Social Media: Department of Homeland Defense

An executive at a Fortune 1000 company sent this article to me, asking if this would be a good use case for Wikis and RSS.  The Department of Homeland Defense needs improvement in communications during crisis times, Senators ask for solutions:

“…senators expressed concern that one year after Hurricane Katrina tore into the Gulf Coast, the DHS has done little to bolster “situational awareness” during disasters. As a result, first responders are most likely still unable to provide key DHS personnel with a coherent picture of what’s happening on the ground during a disaster.”

Yes, it would be a good use case, Wikis, Blogs, RSS, and Forums could be the digital version of “Wanted Posters”.

A great example of Social Media being put to good use is Brian Oberkirch. He used blogs to help spread the word and report back to the world what was happening during this crisis, check out the Slidell Hurricane Blog. You can see the hundreds of photos Brian took and put on Flickr, reporting back to the world what had happened. For many homeowners, this was the only way to find out if their home was still standing.  Want to know more about Brian, Shel interviewed him a few months ago.
Social Media empowers the citizens (the first hand witnesses) to quickly share their story.