MediaPost Video: Sally Falkow, Chris Heuer, and Bill Flitter on Social Media and SEM

Video: Day 3: The Growth of Social Media – What Does It Mean For Your Search Marketing?

Presenters: Sally Falkow, CEO, Expansion Plus Inc. Chris Heuer, Founder, Social Media Club MODERATOR: Bill Flitter, Pheedo

Presentation Gems
I spent some time listening to this video capture of Search Insiders’ recent conference, I really enjoy dissecting presentations and taking notes, it really forces me to learn. Link via David Berkowitz.

Here’s some key highlights:

  • Three times of Media in the past
    • 1) Broadcast Media
      • Me talking to you
    • 2) Interactive Media
      • Me talking to you, but you can leave comments and feedback
    • 3) Social Media
      • The people telling the corporations what they want, and talking to each other
  • What is Social Media?
    • Paraphrased: CGM, and how the audience interacts with each other and brands, using a variety of channels
    • Nod to Social Media being very ‘generational’, a common way how folks under 30 are communicating.
  • Shane from HP asks, How do you make money? Is it a traditional advertising?
    • Chris answers, if you’re searching for short term ROI, it’s not going to happen.
    • Those with the best story tellers and relationship builders will win at the end of the day. That’s a long term strategy.
  • Chris Heuer
    • Benefits: Your content is showing up where people want to see it
    • What Robert Scoble did at Microsoft cannot be bought, what he did for the brand was amazing.
    • Chris suggests to read the book “The Influentials”: ONe in Ten people influences the other nine.
    • Participation is Marketing
      • Everyone who is talking about your company, or around your company is influencing others.
    • Social Media is about humanizing, rather than mechanizing. (believe me, I know it’s not easy)
    • Listening is the first thing to do (Agreed)
    • It’s not just about sales, it’s about personal connections
    • Empowering your Evangelist with the right tools (I had to do this at Hitachi)
    • Refers to Cluetrain Manifesto
    • Refers to Edelman Walmart Fiasco
  • Sally Falkow
    • Think like a publisher
    • Mainstream media is losing circulation
      • The LA Times is up for sale.
      • Ad Revenue Down
    • However…online all of these sites are growing
      • MySpace continues to grow
      • 1/20 hits goes to a social site, a majority go to MySpace
      • Sending traffic to banks, travel sites and other commercial entities
    • Social Media is the number 1 upstream provider of traffic to google
    • Delicious scores high in SEM
    • Recommends tagging content with Technorati.
    • Provides a case study on Hand Lotion, pretty interesting.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Top things to do
      • 1) Listen, Monitor (Agreed)
      • 2) Participate, once you find them
      • 3) Lead: Build Community (Chris suggests they already exist, gave Technorati case study)
      • 4) I recommend to measure here…
    • Don’t shy away from negative comments
      • Edelman waited 6 days to respond, thereby losing credibility.
    • Social Media Audit
      • Get your keywords and go to Technorati and Blogpulse
      • IMPORANT NOTE FROM JEREMIAH: Blogs and blogs indexes do not cover all of the social media arenas, use Google and iTunes as well and consider hiring a firm that does this.
    • Chris suggests the communication agencies may be the best to lead some of this
    • PR industry is waking up says Sally
    • Check out the Social Media Release, so it’s more search friendly

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