Get your Blog/Wiki/RSS on with Intel’s Enterprise 2.0 Appliance called “Suite Two”

I always thought that IBM then Microsoft would be first. Ross Mayfield tells us in this video interview by Podtech that Small and Mid-Sized offices can obtain this suite has blogs, wikis, tagclouds, and other ‘bottom-up’ driven knowledge Social Software. As an appliance you’ll just need to provide Power and Pipe. The product is called Suite Two, an enterprise 2.0 platform from Intel.

Get more details from Techcrunch:

” Intel will announce SuiteTwo today, a product that brings together a number of Enterprise 2.0 apps into an integrated suite. The four products that are included in the release are MovableType from SixApart, SocialText, Simplefeed and Newsgator.”

It’s about $150-$200 per seat, as far as enterprise software goes, that’s not too bad, but when you realize a lot of this is freeware that was asembled into a single platform you may think otherwise, but who has the time to build what someone already did? Teresa from BBS has some additional coverage. Brian, David, do you see this?