Video Demo of ConnectBeam: Enterprise Knowledge Sharing

Podtech Video: ConnectBeam Demo and CEO interview
Puneet Gupta the CEO of ConnectBeam was recorded doing a demo of his enterprise tagging tool with Podtech. Video of ConnectBeam demo. If you want to get some insight from Puneet himself, Robert interviewed him in this video.

Security and Cross Sharing Needed for Corporate Tagging and Knowledge Sharing
While is great for social bookmarks, employees must be careful in information shared or bookmarked. There are some nice integration features with Google enterprise search. I recently gave some advice on how to use for Marketing Research. ConnectBeam provides enterprises with the ability to have a richer experience as this enterprise tagging can be shared securely within an enterprise intranet environment. Users can share information via tagclouds, organize by groups and easily find out what others are tagging. There are some other features that are coming, be sure to keep an eye on this company.

ConnectBeam could be used for:
Use cases could include; teams sharing knowledge via links/tags, and overlaying notes on top. Search tagged content by an variety of personal slices (geo, role, project, etc). Develop bottom up controlled vocabulary for Intranet taxonomy. Most importantly, use ConnectBeam to tag your enterprise intranet securely, and away from prying eyes. In summary: ConnectBeam makes knowledge capture within an enterprise easy and more secure.

It should be known that I’m on the Board of Advisers of ConnectBeam and have a vested financial interest in their success. Oh, and I start working for Podtech tomorrow.

Update Nov 29th: As a member of the Advisory board, I’m careful that there is never a conflict of interest.  To ensure no conflict of interest, I did not sign the papers to join the board of advisors at ConnectBeam until after my leave of my last employer.