Podtech Weekly: Christmas, Full Speed Ahead (with Jeremiah’s thoughts)

I just listened to the latest Podtech Weekly. Every week you can get your news update and summary from Podtech News Weekly. This week covers the following:

Learn about Apple’s iFone
(JKO: I’m sure other OEM cell providers will create MP3 and iTunes integration, my personal prediction is the Apple phone will not take off with the same zeal as the iPod. Apple must get into this space as building an MP3 player will be a commodity feature in future products, and the iPod will be unnecessary. How do I know this? I was in Japan a few weeks ago and observed that Japan phones are already offering mobile video conferencing and contain integrated and converged with MP3 players, as wireless continues to grow, the US will catch up with features, such as embedded MP3 players)

Universal Music has gone after MySpace and YouTube over copyright infringement.
(JKO: It will be interesting to see how ‘traditional’ music entities will work with social sites. The important thing to remember is that it’s not just ‘one’ social site to look at for distribution, by the time Universal and others get situated into this social network, the ‘cool’ kids may have moved on to what’s next. Get over the legal issues and start to figure out how to adapt to this new model.

Video Games are hot for Xmas
(JKO: Podtech reports that the PS3 and the Wii are sold out at brick stores, while you can still purchase them on eBay for $2000 dollars! I took a video of some passionate Wii fans that waited in line all night at best buy in SF. Podtech reports that there are other hand held devices to purchase. I wonder about what happens when we dispose of our previous game consoles, creating even more eWaste. Podtech reports that Digital Cameras, LCD panels are still hot items, if you look at the cnet homepage, you’ll see an accurate reflection of this.)

    One of the things I noticed about the Podtech site is the tag cloud is so highly skewed towards the term “technology” it should be broken down into relevant, meaningful, sub-categories.Disclaimer: As most of you know, I start Podtech tomorrow as a full-time employee.