Web Strategy: Fisher Price launches Niche MP3 Player and Digital Camera

Let’s get em hooked to Podcasts at an early age!

It’s interesting how Fisher Price has adopted a hardware and relevant web strategy to provide parents of users with additional content, and market accessories.

This $70 MP3 player is ‘kid tough’ and is advertised heavily this holiday season. Bios Magazine reports that:

“The Kid-Tough(TM) FP3 Player is the first digital media player that provides preschoolers with a durable and easy way to play their favorite downloadable songs and stories. Big buttons and visual icons on the LCD screen let preschoolers choose from their favorite songs & stories – all by themselves. The headphones are sized just right for little ones and play at a safe volume.

The player comes preloaded with preschool appropriate songs and stories, but Moms and Dads can also add more content by uploading any music they already own to the player, or by using the safe, user-friendly Fisher-Price(R) Song & Story Online Store to purchase songs and stories from top-selling children’s artists and authors. The Fisher-Price(R) Song & Story Online Store will be the first of its kind to specifically offer preschool appropriate content and suggestions for parents on a safe and easy-to-use website.”

You can learn more about this MP3 player (and Digital Camera) and the official Fisher Price’s Preschool Electronics website. There’s opportunities for cross marketing campaigns. As kids listen to MP3s, it can promote brands characters and additional lines of revenue (Clifford the dog seems to be highly promoted currently). It appears that this MP3 will allow parents to select other MP3s to upload, an ‘open’ model, smart.

I wonder if the kids would be interested in the Scoble show or Data Storage Best practices, wadda ya think?