Six RSS Resources for the Internet Professional or Web Strategist

I noticed a trend in several RSS articles and posts being published, I’ve collected a few of the more helpful ones, including the primer from Wikipedia up front. Feel free to leave comments with additional resources.

Primer: Wikipedia on RSS
Don’t know what RSS is? As a Marketer, Web Professional, or communicator, being knowledgeable about RSS is important in this current web era.

RSS for the People
Although I’ve always thought the BBC version of explaining RSS was classic, this version explained by Paul Kim leverages what the LA Fire department has figured out. It’s truly a pro-consumer point of view.

Who’s using what for RSS
Analysis of which feedreaders are being used and usage of RSS. It doesn’t answer “who” is using RSS, but research this time last year from Yahoo suggested that it tended to be younger technology folks. No surprised there.

42 uses of RSS and Atom Feeds

Really Simple Syndication is a protocol, a vehicle, and a tool that can be used to meet a variety of purposes. This brain stormer gives some practical applications of using RSS and the applications currently avaialble. My suggestion: create a feedreader on your enterprise Intranet to assist with creating customized homepages.

RSS Subscription for Podcasts low
A few days ago I covered that podcast subscription may be low, but it’s quickly growing according to Pew internet research

RSS finally taking off, thanks to IE7 and Firefox?

Now that both dominant browsers (IE is massively the lead) and Firefox both offer feedreader abilities, not to mention most web mail and the future Outlook12 will this be the tools needed to take RSS mainstream?

Oh, one other confusing thing: I hear people describing RSS as a Push, and a Pull medium, in your opinion, which is it?