Videos: Zooming past Mt Fuji, Where Godzilla would go Feast!

Yes, I’m going video crazy, partly because of the feedback that I’m getting from readers. Two more from Japan, lemme know what you think?

Video: Zipping past Mount Fuji on the Bullet Train
Check out Mt. Fuji You can see how freaking fast we’re going as I record out the window, check out gorgeous Mount Fuji in the background. There’s quite a few more folks on the train, most are business folks. My cousin climbed My Fuji, his experience is recorded here.

Video: This is the Human Stampede in Tokyo’s Shibuya Intersection
One of the busiest intersections in the world, this is the Shibuya Five way intersection (much likes Times Square NY) If I were Godzilla this is where I would go for mass carnage. View all my Shibuya pics on flickr.

My previous videos of Japan are here:

I’ll be taking some video from the Laughing Squid party this Saturday, will you be there?