Greetings from Guangzhou, China

Landed in China after a 24 hour commute. SFO > Tokyo > Guanzhou.

Publishing a flickr stream that you can watch, I’ll publish photos once or twice a day. I’m also updating the group blog for the trip. Most of the others won’t publish until they return home.

I took this cool photo of the sun setting in Tokyo, and saw some interesting vending machines. I’m staying on the water, view from hotel below.China continues to grow, it smells like industry, (if you’ve ever been to China you’ll know what I mean) people are very busy there’s tons of construction everywhere.

I’ve been here 2 others times, once in 2000 and then we stayed for a week in Zhongshan living the local live for 5 days in 2002. Although I can’t speak much I’m very comfortable here, and as long as I have Shirley we can easily get around.

Web Factoid: did you know there are more internet users in China than all of North America combined? Learn more about the world internet usage statistics here.

Drink by number

Setting Sun, Narita, Japan


Tai Chee

Reach before Work