Integration: Apple and Nike and WWW

NikePlus provides Integration of Nike, iPod, and WWW. There’s a community piece to this online as well, you can find other runners using their site (click on community tab). Pretty interesting, anyone out there try this? Edward from USAToday has a review: “Nike + iPod records the time, distance, pace and calories burned in real time as you run (or, in my case, power walk). You can track those results on an iPod Nano and, after connecting the Nano to a computer, on the Nike+ website (” The next piece could be GPS, you could even build mashable games to play, indicating where users are. Update: Some people think this is a security risk, you could be watched! Conversations on … Continue readingIntegration: Apple and Nike and WWW

Remembering Startup Culture and the Lessons Learned in Web 1.0

Left: the Logo that used to adorn the HQ building of Exodus is now displayed over my garage sink. From 2000-2003 I experienced nearly a complete business cycle at Exodus Communications. EXDS was a high flying (5 splits in 12 months), then the fastest falling company in the valley, we went Chapter 11 (twice). The beautiful towers on Mission College on 101 were built with Exodus paper stock money. These gorgeous towers are now occupied by Yahoo and EMC, in a selfish way, I still I have some ownership over them. I’m not too hung up over the physical aspect, because I still keep in touch with many of the friends I made there. While the shine of Podtech and … Continue readingRemembering Startup Culture and the Lessons Learned in Web 1.0

List of Companies that Measure Social Media still shaping up (your input needed)

I’m tipping Nathan Gilliatt 1000 virtual Jeremiah Dollars. He’s the blogger that teaches executives how to be Web Savvy. We’re on the same quest and passion to learn about all the companies that measure social media. I’ve We’ve started this list of Companies that Measure Social media, Influence, and Brand, and have had some successful comments and emails come in. Unfortunately, I published it over Thanksgiving weekend, and suspect that not everyone has had a chance to read and add to it. Nathan and I have added quite a bit to it, and he’s found some international ones. Perhaps you know? If you know other companies that measure Social Media, thanks I’m building out a resource guide for folks who … Continue readingList of Companies that Measure Social Media still shaping up (your input needed)

Social Networking for Business, and can we please bury the Resume and Cold Interview?

There are a variety of tools and methods available for folks to connect for business, prospects, and new jobs. It’s really up to individuals to find the right tools and methods Quality over Quantity I decline most of the LinkedIn invites that I get to my account. I try to know folks, as for the 95% of the folks that are added to me, I want to be able to say good things about them. The other 5%, I have a hard time remembering, or when I added them I wasn’t thinking. Keeping one’s network quality is important. I see some folks with a crazy amount of contacts and friends, we all know they don’t really know them all personally, … Continue readingSocial Networking for Business, and can we please bury the Resume and Cold Interview?

Amusing my Readers

I got a lot of ‘back channel’ comments via emails, phone calls, and in person today. Concerned friends and family jokingly ask if I’m ok adjusting to startup culture because of this post on ‘Corporatitus‘. This includes employees at Hitachi, Podtech, and friends, Pretty funny. Even my new colleague Valerie (who has a wordpress sticker on her laptop but doesn’t blog) found it amusing, don’t know her, you may recognize her from Valleywag hottie contest. I think I’m adapting ok, I’m just going to run with it until someone tells me otherwise, I’m noticing that in order to thrive a startup has to have self-starters willing to make mistakes, learn from them, and get back up and try again. I … Continue readingAmusing my Readers

Changing my Media and Communication Mix

Over the next few days, I’m going to be changing my Media intake, I’ve erased many of my feeds on my Google Reader feedreader and am starting over from scratch.  My Ipod has been replaced, so I’m re-selecting podcasts and video blogs.  Also, I’ve cut out Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo, Gizmo, Skype, and Mobile Yahoo IM. (It’s nothing personal). I’m not sure if I’ll return to IM, we’ll see.  Those that know my cell can call anytime! I’m not quite fully online at Podtech yet, so there is some slowness in my online response.  It’s kind of fun to start from scratch! So if I’ve been unresponsive, please don’t get it personally, I’m still adjusting. (And trying to digest … Continue readingChanging my Media and Communication Mix

Sun reaches out to Startups, uses Social Media

I care about how companies use Social Media to reach out to companies, Sun typically does a pretty ok job at it. A few months ago, I helped to coordinate the Lunch 2.0 at Hitachi Data Systems (Data storage) for Web companies. We had 10 web companies present their products to the community, over 200 people showed up, there were a lot of blogs, pictures, videos and a few podcasts. It appears Sun is getting more interested in this space, as John Schwartz talks about the next Fortune 500, and Tim Bray of Sun makes references to Thumper, the next generation server/storage offering. Want to know how much the Thumper costs? Adam published the price list. Not unusual as Robin … Continue readingSun reaches out to Startups, uses Social Media

Brian loathes the term ‘Social Media Optimization’

Respected Social Media practitioner Brian Oberkirch (who I just wrote about last night) doesn’t like people gaming the system, he says “There Is No Such Thing As Social Media Optimization“. He doesn’t like it because: “You are link bait dressed as thought leadership” “You focus people on tools & rules instead of talk & understanding“ “You attempt to homogenize & productize what will really be a series of handmade, one-off engagements“ “You do ridiculous things like put yourself in Wikipedia to seem more legit“ “You attempt to ‘black box’ and complicate what should be made transparent, open, abundant“ “You drag that bullshit practice of SEO into the social media world” As far as I see it, these are best practices … Continue readingBrian loathes the term ‘Social Media Optimization’

Interactive Web Media Campaign, “CandyStand” from Extra

Extra launches Interactive Media Campaign, called “CandyStand”, which appears to have been live for some time. According to Technorati it’s ranked at 5,042 which means it has 981 links from 484 blogs. Seth Godin may say that’s ‘remarkable’. The “Jetpack Mission” game is making some waves on, although if you read the comments, you’ll see some mixed opinions. The Interactive firm is called WWDG and has an odd website, you can read this very dry press release from announcing the campaign. Tactics Deployed Interactive Media Accelerated with Social Media (Digg, Blogs) Flash Gaming Web Branding

Cool Screens: Archos Portable Video and Apple Cinema Displays

New Colleague Christopher Coulter (Who I’m rethinking my stance on, he’s a pretty nice dude) was showing me his Archos Portable Digital Media Player. He uses this while filming on site, as well as enjoying entertainment media. It doesn’t have the best external sound but one could easily put on headphones or connect to any audio device. That video interview below looks like the one with Hamid Shojaee of Axosoft. I’m pretty sure they’re sitting at is the Podtech office on illustrious Sand Hill road. We’re in an incubator, I’ve posted some pics here of the humble and growing podtech offices. I went to the Apple Store to get my iPod replaced (which I have to figure out how to … Continue readingCool Screens: Archos Portable Video and Apple Cinema Displays