Owyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 1)

We’ve used the internet to find my family, share information, and now we’re planning a journey back to our roots I wanted to share this personal project that I’m working on, it ties back to the web, as that’s how we all met and started to communicate (the web fosters community) In a few weeks, I’ll be leading a group of 22 Owyang’s (or those related to Owyangs) back to China to our home town called Dai Lian (Big pretty mountain) (Update from cousin Michael: Mandarin spelling is Da Ling) in southern China between Hong Kong and Macau in the Pearl River Delta Area. The trip will be at least a week or longer, and we’ll spend nearly 3 days … Continue readingOwyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 1)

ScobleVid: Scrapblog Evolves Photo Sharing for Anyone

Check out how Scoble interviewed Carlos Garcia the CEO of Scrapblog in this HiDef Video. This web based flash app enables anyone to share and build unique experiences using ones photos. Carlos’s blog sindicate they showed very well at Demo. I tried out Scrapblog a few weeks ago and it’s improved tremendously. There’s an ability to import video, export to flickr, export RSS, and import flickr pictures. From a Web Strategy perspective this is an improved experience overlay to ones existing photo repository. Scrapblog creates a more polished or completed presentation of an event, collection, or travel. In addition to being able to share with others using the web, one could print out a copy and send to that special … Continue readingScobleVid: Scrapblog Evolves Photo Sharing for Anyone

Brian Oberkirch on Social Media

Just had a conversation with Brian Oberkirch for way over an hour this morning while he waits in the Dallas airport. We discussed the web industry, social sites, facebook, youtube, web strategy and even created a few stupid geek jokes. He helped me solidfy some loose ideas I had in my head (you’ll see these in future blog posts) about the ‘New’ web, and the impacts to business. Brian comes to the Bay Area from New Orleans on business and pleasure frequently, very frequently. Each time he comes, he packs in so many important events, meeting the right people, and makes the most out of every minute. Most think he lives here, hope he doesn’t. Brian’s passion for the web, … Continue readingBrian Oberkirch on Social Media

IE7 is coming! What would you ask the Product Team?

Martin and I are invited to the IE7 release event next week in San Francisco. Like last time at the beta release event, we interviewed and did a podcast with the product team. I’ve already asked several web experts to give me their questions they would want me to ask the team, (could range from IT deployment, security, user experience, standards, css, features, feeds, market share, whatever) if you’ve any specific questions, please leave a comment. I wonder if IE7s use of feeds could replace feedreaders for common users. The tabbed feature should improve productivity. If the browser has a fully functioning ‘tagging’ feature this could be helpful within the enterprise or personal bookmarking. More news about the release from … Continue readingIE7 is coming! What would you ask the Product Team?

The Google Empire

Nick Carr, who I often disagree with, has written a fantastic piece on United States vs Google. He discusses previous empires of IBM with mainframes, Microsoft with Software, and now the sheer market share percentage that Google has over Search, Video, and now creeping on Media. Even a few months ago the BBC noticed all of the applications in the google suite. Some suggest that Google is a one trick pony, as I see, now coupled with Online Video (which will no doubt spill into the living room) they’ve two ponies. Have you seen the Google Corporate About Page and blog? I spent a while cruising through the various resources. Here are some Google testimonials. You can see what a … Continue readingThe Google Empire

STIRR 1.7 The Social Startup Mixer

Last night’s Stirr event was my first time attending, here’s what I learned: What it is: Stirr is mixture of a social networking and emerging technology showcase event for the Web 2.0 arena in the hotbed of innovation in prestigious Palo Alto. This is a much needed event for the early startup arena. I really applaud Sanford Barr, Sean Ness, Dan Arkind, Laura Merling, Melanie Sit, and Jeremy Wohl, for their vision to create a well organized and well attended event Who’s it for: I found the audience to be a mixture of emerging pre-funded companies, angel invested or series A companies. This is where the action starts. Many folks had a “C” level title, which is common for the … Continue readingSTIRR 1.7 The Social Startup Mixer

Big Names Buying into Video and New Media

Insightful article by Money CNN on Who’s Next after YouTube. In my last post on this topic, I’m curious to see how Yahoo will react. Folks from NYTimes question where Yahoo is headed. Here’s some bullets on some recent transactions on this emerging video market transactions: I quote from the article: Sony bought online video sharing site Grouper in August for just $65 million. Viacom bought iFilm last year and Atom Entertainment in August for a combined $250 million. …AOL, which like CNNMoney.com is a unit of Time Warner (Charts), has bought Truveo and online video advertising company Lightningcast. Terms of those deals were not disclosed but sources estimated that AOL paid about $50 million for Truveo. …Heavy.com’s Carson said … Continue readingBig Names Buying into Video and New Media

Lunch 2.0 and Jeremiah

The founders of Lunch 2.0 Mark Jen and Joseph Smarr has asked me to get more involved with Lunch 2.0 as far as an organizer, blogger, and assisting with coordination. With great honor, I’ll be helping out to help them carry the torch in a team effort.  Thanks Mark and Joseph for the offer. I work at an enterprise IT company, however Web 2.0 impacts everyone, not just web companies.  Today Office 2.0 is kicking off, social media, open data, rich interfaces apply to enterprise companies both in communicating with customers but also internal systems.

Nikon deploys Community Marketing

While announced during the summer, I’m still impressed at Nikon’s delivery of their Social Media and Community Marketing program.  Nikon gave influencers in Flickr their new camera (The D80) and cut them loose, they then assembled the following gallery, of course the camera was the hub. I’m still impressed by the quality of shots taken.  Shouldn’t every company give their sample products to their passion customers?

Social Media Club | Oct 23rd in Palo Alto

When I first sat down to talk with Kristie Wells at Bloggercon we hit it off right from the start. She and Chris are two of my social media peers that are leading the charge in education and implementing social media. They’ve invited me to attend as ‘blogger press’ to an upcoming event. It’s my understanding that this event will be a valuable workshop for folks that need to understand social media, how to implement, and to learn best and worst practices (I’ve got some examples of both). For those that work at corporations there is a fee, and for those individuals that don’t have an educational resource budget, there are opportunities to apply for ‘partial scholarships’. Contact Kristie to … Continue readingSocial Media Club | Oct 23rd in Palo Alto