Web SIG Tonight. Jeremiah to be Judge

Heh, this is fun.  I’ll be a costume contest judge for the Silicon Valley Web SIG event tonight.  I discussed the group in a previous post, or you can go to their site directly to learn more. What a way to kick off a new group. The topic focus will be based around wiki technology and deployment. I only have my prisoner costume, which is not too matrix style, but who’s going to tell me no? I’m the Judge!  😉

Classy move by IE7 Team

The good folks at the IE7 team have sent Mozilla’s Firefox team a cake congratulating them.  Just a few days ago I was talking about how Microsoft really gets community, and is reaching out.  Here’s another great example. Martin and I did a podcast interview with the IE7 team, I even asked Dean “Why should someone switch from Firefox to IE?” He gave a great answer, I recommend you listen in to hear his response. Way to go FF team for the release (I’ll upgrade as soon as it comes out) and IE teams.  Is it possible that we can peacfully co-exist in a multi-browser world?  I’ll vote yes.

Top Gems from the Social Media Club Today

At the close of the session, everyone went around the room and gave their opinions for the lessons learned. Mark: Employees are the greatest untapped communication resource. Jamie: Make your corporation internally aware of these tools, and make it bottom up Daniela: Pushing the corporate membrane, keep on doing it. There is no one social media, there are many different mediums to use. Getting people to let go to gain more is a challenge Robert Carrol: Letting go is hard, marketing folks don’t want to let go. Jeremy Pepper: It’s great to know that we’re not in a island, there are other social media folks. Bob: Relates to social media discussions to execs as describing Soylent Green –it’s about people … Continue readingTop Gems from the Social Media Club Today

Money continues to move away from TV to New Media

I saw this article about how NBC is reducing it’s headcount as the dollars are now shifting from TV and Movies to “New Media” which would include the Internet, Podcasting, Videoblogging. The internet is a great medium to shift those dollars to, as it’s trackable and measuable, easy to deploy, cheap, can be highly targetted and effective, interactive, and most importantly: where the kids are and the future generations will head. Link via Bare Feed Studios Update: Great piece from Steve Gillmore on the death of TV 

Heading to Social Media Club

I’m taking the day off work today, I gotta run some errands for my upcoming trip that I’ll be leading for my family back to our roots. Then I’ll go to the Social Media Club workshop. Several of you that read me will also be there, great! If you’re deploying social media at your company, then you’ll want to attend events like these to learn more about HOW to deploy. Looking for a great session. If you have time, swing on by, the registration and event details are located here, I believe it’s $150 dollars and is in Palo Alto. Thanks to Kirstie Wells and Chris for the great workshop!

The Games People Play (On Social Sites)

Interesting presentation about game theory and dynamics in social software. Here’s some games folks play online, leave a comment if you can suggest some: MySpacers: How many friends do you have? Flickr: How many favoriate pics/views/comments do you get Bloggers: Technorati rank, Subscriptions, Web Analytics Comments Techmeme placement Getting dugged Podcasters: Subscriptions and downloads LinkedIn: How many contacts do you have What are some other examples. Have you read this book: Games People Play. Thanks Mark for the link.

Podcast interview of the IE Team, Topics generated from Community

Covering the IE Release Party I was just discussing how we had a great time at the Microsoft IE party. Martin McKeay (Industry Security Expert, he has a career blog, security podcast series and a blog on ComputerWorld) and I had the opportunity to interview the product team and community For me as a Web Strategist/Manager, understanding the tools that vehicles and tools that users will use to access your website is important. Community Driven Research In an effort to represent the community we polled questions from the community on my blog and Martin’s. We asked developers, IT managers, designers, security experts and the average web user to field questions for us to ask the team. Of course, we added … Continue readingPodcast interview of the IE Team, Topics generated from Community

At the IE 7 Release Party: Microsoft Gets Community (Photoblog)

Microsoft Hosts IE7 Product Release Party for Passion Community Update: Listen to the IE7 Podcast Interview by Martin and I Martin and I we’re invited to Microsoft’s IE Release party of it’s new official browser. This long awaited browser has been in beta mode for quite some time and for Microsoft to put it’s stamp back as a feature rich browser for today’s modern web it’s certainly needed. Martin is quite the guy, he brought his serious podcasting gear and let me sit in and use his gear to interview the IE team. (Thanks Martin) We polled the community to get questions from Enterprise IT folks, Web Developers and Designers, Software Engineers, and thought leaders that wanted to ask the … Continue readingAt the IE 7 Release Party: Microsoft Gets Community (Photoblog)

Hu Yoshida (and his blog) in the News

Hu, our CTO at Hitachi Data Systems in getting some great things said about him for the press. He’s not an A-lister, and we’re ok with that, he has tight focused audience in our industry, and is often reffered to as an expert and thought leader, one of his primary communication tools is his blog. Many of you have met Hu at one event or the other, (perhaps when we hosted Lunch 2.0) you’ll agree that he is one of the most modest, and yet intelligent people you’ll ever meet. It’s particular interesting that the article from Byte and Switch refers to his blog: “A fixture on the conference storage tradeshow circuit, Yoshida has spent the last 18 months evangelizing … Continue readingHu Yoshida (and his blog) in the News

Collective Intelligence as the outcome of this new Web Movement

I ran across this article from ZDnet Does every organization need a Web 2.0 strategy? It’s worth reading. There’s discussions about Software as a Services also known as SaaS (web is the platform), wikipedia suggests that ASP and SaaS are different as customers will get the interfaces and user experience they desire. In any case the opportunity for Collective Intelligence could be the true outcome of this whole ‘2.0’ movement. If you look back in time, this is just the first promise of the Internet spelled out in Cluetrain. I’m noticing a pattern in this thought process from a year ago when business blogging started to take hold, now it’s crossing over to the enterprise. Speaking of collective intelligence, I’m … Continue readingCollective Intelligence as the outcome of this new Web Movement