Owyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 2)

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out to China to fulfill the trip to tie back my Americanized Owyang family to our roots. In a recent post, I told how the Owyang Family Returns to Roots using Internet (Part 1), you can get the background info there.

During the trip We’ll be taking pictures, recording, and will eventually share our thoughts on the group blog that I created called Ouyang Homecoming. (FYI: that’s the more common spelling)

Shel Israel recently let me know that this is a story that seems appropriate for his upcoming book Global Neighborhoods, which is going to tell how the world is smaller from the web, as well as how communities are starting to form using the internet. This is so true, as members from this trip (and the hundred others that are not going) met using google searches, or using wikipedia to reunite. Some folks who have joined our community just share the surname, or their mother or father has a relation to the name. Without the web, we never would have reunited so easily.

Trip Goals

  • Bring the 22+ Owyangs to the home village of Dailian
  • Meet and Greet cousins that are still living there (there is a book with the family tree)
  • Document the ancestral landmarks
  • Pay my respects to the grave of my Great Grandmother, attempt to find my great great grandfathers grave.
  • Build relations with Dailian, retrieve copies of the family books to bring back to share with others
  • Document the trip

I know that Dailian village is expecting us, I’ve been there twice, and I’m very appreciative of what my ancestors did to bring us here to the land of opportunity back in 1880s (That’s not a typo). To learn more about modern day ZhongShan (Dailian is minutes from this hub city) you can check out this video.

After visiting the homevillage, we’ll head to Hong Kong, and then off to Japan to visit my cousin who is teaching English in Okayama which is near Osaka.

I’ll be offline for most of the time going forward, I’ll check in here and there, but for the most part I’ll be off the grid. I’m disappointed I’ll miss any upcoming events from Citizen Agency, Podtech Vloggies, and any other Social Media events I was invited to, we’ll catch up on my return.

I’d be curious to hear from you. What have you done to capture or learn about your family roots? Have you visited your home town and village where your family immigrated from? I believe the internet will really help folks find their roots.