The Benefits of Conference Blogging

I’m very surprised at Nielson banning blogging and all recording from their most recent conference. Steve Rubel questions is blogging should be banned all together at conferences, he learned from Greg, who questions the irony of no CGM at a Nielsen CGM conference. There’s other conversations on Techmeme on this.
I’m often invited to conferences (at no charge, and sometimes as ‘press’) to blog about the event. I take presentation notes (sometimes at great deal), add my own thoughts, and take pictures to tell the story. This builds an archive and links the community of those who attended, blogged about it, and helps to spread the word about the knowledge gained and learned.

Steve writes the following:

“I see both sides of this issue, but I agree wholeheartedly with Greg. On the one hand if you let bloggers write about a customer conference in detail, there’s little need for anyone to pay to attend. However, on the flip side, if you allowing blogging and people take you up on the offer, it’s highly likely that you will generate excitement that boosts customer attendance next year. This is especially true if the conference, um, is in part about blogging.

For conferences that I wish I did go to, but wasn’t able to attend, I often read what’s written by those who attended via blogs. I can guarantee you I don’t walk away with nearly as much value, information, connection than those that attended would have.

Taking notes and sharing it in public is only one small part of why to attend a conference. The real benefits are making your own observations (not just from the angle of the blogger) the non-verbal communication, and the tremendous amount of networking that happens in person.

For those conference organizers that get blogging and invite bloggers, awesome, you can invite me and I’ll record it for you, (see all my posts tagged ‘conference’ or ‘events’, please note this is only a partial list as I have a previous blog with many events and conferences archived).

For those that ban blogging, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to harness community, word of mouth advertising by using social media tools.