Loading up the iPod for the Trip (Content Reccomendations Needed)

I’m getting ready for a two week vacation, and I won’t have much internet access while in Asia.  In fact, I won’t be able to even update my subscriptions on iTunes.

I’m constantly amazed how the web is the delivery platform for so much media.  iTunes has really become the digital marketplace for media, part of the reason why Tower Records is dying, and some folks think CDs are heading the way of the dodo.  iTunes offers movies, TV shows, Games, all at varying prices, I can see this being such a profit center for them.

I’ve downloaded ‘Bejeweled’ a puzzle game that my wife will like, a bunch of video podcasts from Rev 3, downloaded all of Brian’s Edgeworks podcasts, a few podtech, rocketboom, and made sure my usual FIR, Web 2.0 show, Buzz out loud, and Jaffe content is updated.

Content Recommendations Needed

I’m looking to you for recommendations, what other content do you suggest I download?  My focus is social media, marketing, web, geek.  On the entertainment side, I love viral type videos, short films.  Although I like a variety of music, I’ve yet to find a great ‘Chill’ podcast, any suggestions?

So who do you listen to?  Give me some suggestions.