Dreamhost, kindly respond to Andy!

I’ve been hearing from friend Andy about his nightmares with Dreamhost (in fact I’m a customer too, partly due to his recommendations). He manages multiple websites and they’ve been shut down today. Andy doesn’t believe he’s at fault, and is asking for a dialogue with Dreamhost, and now they’ve clammed up.

Having worked closely with Andy for some time, I highly suspect that he’s pretty careful about how he manages his websites, and I suspect this is a simple misunderstanding. I hate having to do this to a company, but I really want to encourage a conversations between Andy and Dreamhost.

Folks, imagine if your blog or websites was taken down, locked, and they refused to talk to you, how would you feel?

Dreamhost friends, please respond to Andy, it’s really an appropriate professional courtesy, thanks in advance!


Big Update:

Apparently Dreamhost has contacted Andy and will be restoring service. !!!