The Web SIG Organizes

I’ve been exchanging emails with Bess Ho, one of the early members of the Silicon Valley Web Guild, and is an active member of the Internet Industry. She’s contacted me as she’d like me to help get the word out about some upcoming events her group The Web SIG is sponsoring and hosting. Apparently, she was at Lunch 2.0, but I didn’t get a chance to run into her. Here’s a nice summary of Web SIG:

Web SIG is a group focused on the latest Web technology, design and trends. Its platform promotes open discussions on technology and provides a friendly environment for exchanging technical information. Web SIG was founded by the original executive board members of Silicon Valley Webguild, a former local chapter of the Association of Internet Professionals and the oldest and largest Web organization in the bay area. from Web Host News

  • They have an event which will focus on Wikis.  It will be themed Matrix style for Halloween! You can get the details here.
  • They’ve other events at Adobe in Nov. Topics to include the Adobe Lab, Flex, and learning about the Startup
Web SIG is apparently free, and doesn’t charge admission online or at the door. Members can get discounts on books and other resources.Do you have a non-profit or special interest group for the internet industry event that you’re trying to promote? I’ll help if it’s on behalf of the fine professionals in the web industry. Good luck Bess and the rest of the Web SIG group.