Lunch 2.0 ‘Web Expo’ Blowout at Hitachi Data Systems

As the Online Community Manager, I’m hosting the next Lunch 2.0 at my work at Hitachi Data Systems! I want to build a community with folks I know best –web folks. My company is really behind me, and I’ve even got the support of our CEO for this blowout web expo.We have a HUGE facility in our headquarters, (pics) and can fit a few hundred web geeks, we’ll also let folks check out our plush briefing center for customers –if you want to know more about data storage, you can check out the Data Industry Wiki, or visit our Data Storage Forums, or even learn from our Expert Bloggers on data storage.

Three way Learning
1) Web Companies will show off their stuff and build community
2) We, at Hitachi will learn more about the Web Industry
3) Web Companies will learn more about us

<<<To register for this free event visit The Lunch 2.0 blog and sign up>>>

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