TechCrunch 7 Party Photoblog

Last night at the Techcrunch party (Event Wiki) was amazing, the food, drinks, and swanky Sand Hill location was an event to remember. Mike Arrington has really positioned himself as the center of Web 2.0, pretty impressive. I ran into quite a few folks, and I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (and partly because I’ve been graciously invited by my cousin to visit the Boeing Headquarters first thing in morning!) There were a lot of familiar faces, cool technology, flowing drinks and food. View the last Techcrunch 6 Party Photoblog.

Edit: More Finds
Guerilla Video by Sarah Meyers (I think they got kicked out)
Video: Streaker at the Party (don’t worry, it’s work safe)
Techcrunch on CBS (an older YouTube Video)
Best captions in Flickr: Dave McClure


TechCrunch 7


At August Capital

Pepper Rocker

Greeted by Jeremy Pepper

Hawk, Shel, Mario

Welcomed by Thomas Hawk, Shel Israel, and Mario Sundar

Podtech and Digg

Witnessed Podtech and Digg


Talked to Scoble


Learned about Products

James Levine of SimplyHired

Chatted with James Levine, of SimplyHired

Jim founder of and Dave 500 Hats

Rated by Jim (HotorNot) and Dave the Master of 500 Hats

Pepper and Winer

Entertained by Jeremy Pepper and Enlightened by Dave Winer

Guy Kawasaki

“How to’d” by Guy and Scott


Fed by Shirley and the Sliders