Vigilance and Patience required during Air Travel

One of our respected leaders at Hitachi Data Systems is our CTO, Hu Yoshida. As a blogger he’s shared his experience traveling through London’s Heathrow, one of the hot zones in the recent concerns over terrorism on international airlines. It’s one thing for a leader of a company to help show how storage technology can help companies and customers, however to show a first hand viewpoint to dealing with real world issues is another. His message to the world:

“We certainly need to be more vigilant and patient, but we shouldn’t give in to fear and frustration and doubt.”

Have you seen Ze Frank’s recent videoblog? His message is also clear, don’t succumb to terrorism by being terrorized. (link via Martin McKeay, and Dave McLure) It’s also interesting how all laptops will be checked in, passengers will not be able to bring them on board reports Jeremy Kirk of Computerworld:

“U.K. authorities banned passengers from taking electronic items into airplane cabins following the arrests of 21 people today in connection with an alleged plot to blow up aircraft midflight en route to the U.S.”

I’m visiting the Boeing plant next weekend for friends and family day, I’m curious to see how this will impact their plans for wireless access aboard flights, perhaps onboard browsers in seats could be made available.