Boeing: Wireless, 787, and Friends and Family Day

I’m very excited to visit my cousin Ethan in the Seattle Area in two weekends, he’s graciously invited me to Boeing friends and family day, and I’m excited to see the new Boeing 787, (Even Scoble has talked about this recently)

It’s a massive beast, that has many internal amenities such as advanced lighting, humidity controlling, a futuristic look, movable light sources, and some pretty interesting ways to shut the windows (watch the video)

I’m also curious to learn more about any onboard wireless programs that are starting to take shape. I’m quite familiar with the Connexion program as i was at the Blog Business Summitt in SF last year.–being the geek that I am, I want to be connected while in flight, it really makes me productive and the flight go by quickly.

I’ve been told I’ve been given permission to blog about the event, although pictures and video are not permitted (National Safety)

I’ll to my best to report back to the world interesting things that I discover…