Mike and Zach from MyKin visit me at Hitachi Data Systems

Mike and Zach are two web geeks touring cross country in an old beat up VW promoting their new company MyKin, a social networking and media site for familes!

Julio told me last week that Scoble linked to them, and they had a copy of the Hitachi Data Systems Silicon Valley map. I see those maps around the building here and there. I left them a comment on their blog to invite them to lunch, and I was pleased to have Mike and Zach over to my work at Hitachi Data Systems yesterday!

They’ve visited companies like Intel, Facebook (one of our customers) and I even connected them with Will Pate at Flock! (Will was next to me at webvisions when the emails connected)

They showed me their VW van, and they had an iPod (Which use Hitachi hardrives) and a homemade stereo system, and even a bowl taped to some HD magnets –pretty clever.
We cruised around HQ, and we showed them the Customer center, we let them drink beer (ok root beer) and Kevin was able to talk to them about Storage. I chatted with them about online storage too, which is interesting to me as I’m a web manager at a storage company. We both agreed that storage is important, and fear the day if either of websites would go down because of storage loss. We let them when at foosball –see how gracious we are? 😉

Read their take on things from the visit!
Today, they are giving a demo in SF for their product and may have some other interesting things to discuss —watch their blog to learn more.

Here are some of the pics:
MyKin's VW BusMyKin's VW Bus (see iPod with Hitachi HD)Zach, Kevin, and Chris and the TagmaStore USP

Hitachi team lost at foos

Zach's tattoo of ethernet plug