Mainstream Advertising Adopts Viral Video –Don’t forget long term Relationships

Business week reports that folks are “Raising the Bar on Viral Web Ads Those funny clips that push products are getting slicker and more expensive to make and distribute. YouTube and Google are taking note”

I’ve been playing with many of these tools from my blogspot blogs, myspace, second life, youtube, google videos, I even created a login to the critisized Walmart MySpace clone!

I want to caution Marketing folks from investing heavily in Web Advertisting Viral Videos –my impression of viral videos are great for brand awareness campaigns, but they may not be the best tool for an ongoing and thriving dialogue and relationship. The article warns that this could easily get played out as viral videos become trendy and common:

“The danger is that it has a cool factor and, as it becomes mainstream, the effects will taper off,” says Edith Bellinghausen, vice-president of new media at entertainment marketing company Razor & Tie.”

Don’t lose sight of the value of real relationships can be created by using tools such as blogs, forums, and other ‘two-way’ tools. For me, the 1% of Viral videos that get my real attention, I’ll visit maybe once or twice visit. As a Web Strategist, I would limit my output of such ‘agency’ tactics for very specific needs and uses. I’d rather build a meaningful, real connection with customers using relationship tools

Edit: The HP viral video campaign was not met with embraces from bloggers